Evening Grosbeak (Coccothraustes vespertinus)

Flight Call: Given in flight or perched, a ringing cheer. At least four variants of the flight call have been identified and their distribution corresponds rather closely to the distribution of the recognized subspecies (Sewall et al. 2004). Evening Grosbeaks found in Wisconsin should be primarily C. v. vespertinus and the flight call is type 3 as is confirmed by the sonogram below.

Trill Call: A low, dry, sibilant trill.

Evening Grosbeak flight call and trill call, December 28, 2011. Alvin, Forest County, Wisconsin.


Sewall, K., Kelsey, R. & Hahn, T. P. 2004. Discrete variants of evening grosbeak flight calls. Condor, 106, 161-165.